About Us

Short descriptions of the founders of the Aluna Research Fellowship.

Rahul Kumar : Cofounder and Research Director

Rahul Kumar is a high school senior at the Academy of Science and Independence High School, currently conducting deep learning research alongside a professor at the University of Pennsylvania. He is passionate about robotics, computer vision, and biomedical applications of Artificial Intelligence. He has completed various published deep learning projects. He was inspired to co-found the ALUNA Research Fellowship to give other students an opportunity to conduct quality Artificial Intelligence research and publish their work.

Kamran Majid : Cofounder and Research Director

Kamran is a high school senior at Rock Ridge High School who has implemented unsupervised machine learning within computer vision programs for a micro-payload lunar rover at NASA Langley. His interests lie in AI applications in robotics, and AI implementations for computer vision. Because of his experience with AI, he has co-founded the ALUNA Research Fellowship in order to guide and review the work of like-minded students.

Varun Pasupuleti : Biomedical Research Director

Varun Pasupuleti is senior at Rock Ridge High School and the Academy of Engineering and Technology. He has completed numerous research projects in the biomedical sciences. Interested in the fields of biology, chemistry, mathematics, and computer science, Varun has found AI with a biomedical application to be a fascinating crossroads of his passions. As such, he has joined the ALUNA Research Fellowship to share his interests with other students by guiding them through a research project of their own.

Senior Research Fellows

Dristi Shah :

Dristi Shah is a senior from Edison, New Jersey who is fascinated by the application of AI to improve the medical field. Interested in computer science, she hopes to continue coding and researching in college. In her free time, she enjoys painting and sketching.

Charles Anderson :

Charles Anderson is a junior at the Academy of Science. He is passionate about biotechnology, botany, artificial intelligence, and algorithmic trading . He has completed various projects in these fields, and is currently working on starting a non-profit incubation fund to abate the suffering from the crisis in Yemen.

Sunny Kudum :

Sunny Kudum is a junior at the Academy of Science and Riverside High School. His interests lie in the crossroads between machine learning/computer vision and science. He has experience with artificial intelligence through internships and other personal projects and has therefore joined the ALUNA Research Fellowship to further his experience in research with deep and machine learning.

Ishita Vaish :

Ishita Vaish is a senior at Northview High School who has debated for over five years with a focus on gender inequality. This experience inspired her passion for addressing the structural determinants of sexism. She has joined the ALUNA Research Fellowship to explore how Artificial Intelligence has the potential to resolve these structural disparities.